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RAAS Devigarh

RAAS Devigarh


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, India

Strategically addressed on top of a hill in the Aravalli Range, RAAS Devigarh overlooks the village of Delwara below. It was built in the 18th century, under the reign of Rajrana Sajja Singh II. The palace was originally built using locally mined marble, a practice that was followed once again during its restoration. It came to its current form of a heritage boutique stay in 1999, after 15 years of rigorous work to bring the vintage charm to new and modern comforts. The terraced structure still remains, while all contemporary comforts have been added to the rooms. Talking of creature comforts, the spa and swimming pool top the list for guests.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Heritage


Devigarh entered the hospitality scene like a breath of fresh air, bringing into the realm of heritage a new kind of design sensibility and a very high level of service. Today under RAAS, already running the very atmospheric design hotel in the walled city of Jodhpur, RAAS Devigarh offers an unparalleled luxury destination experience. Thirty-nine suites within the spectacular fort complex of Devigarh, with courtyards, gardens and terraces welcome travellers who can enjoy a rejuvenating luxury stay surrounded by farms and beautiful countryside. An outstanding hill fort, with miles of pristine farmland around and great views of the timeless Aravallis, RAAS Devigarh is one of the best standalone, boutique hilltop-fort experiences in India ideal for private stays, intimate celebrations and as a rejuvenation getaway.

Just over an hour’s drive from Udaipur airport, Devigarh can be many things to travellers and revellers alike. Conference venue, honeymoon destination, event venue, leisure vacation, spa holiday and more awaits for a customised requirement at Devigarh. RAAS Devigarh is striking in its simplicity yet its very creative design and vast grounds makes it ideal for private retreats as well. White and beige, mixed with the green of the arty landscape, as well as the green of the Aravallis around is a soothing palette to the eyes. When you add to these gorgeous linens, art and sculptures reflecting the traditions of the region, havelis, jharokhas and courtrooms decorated as guest areas, it creates a stunning setting. The palace suites and gardensuites, are hearty spaces, air-conditioned, set around courtyards, level upon level – each having a story to tell. A bar lounge and restaurant enclosed by glass, accessible by elevators, exude a chic ambience, and serve up a fantastic dining experience.


The four kinds of suites at Devigarh – Garden, Palace, Aravalli and Devigarh, offer inimitable views and comfort in unique rooms. Private tented terraces, understated but luxurious interiors and special wall art are the hallmarks of the experience. Soothing white walls, designs reflecting local craftsmanship and Rajasthan inspired furnishings add an artistic accent to the rooms. The Devigarh Suite stands out for its golden bedroom that extends onto a private sun deck and jacuzzi. This complex includes a private black marble pool and room enough to enjoy a secluded dining experience as well. For a larger group, the Devigarh Complex combines this suite with one of the Aravalli Suites, which adjoins the pool area.


Devigarh offers a range of local and international cuisine to suit all tastes and needs, but it’s the setting that is sometimes most appetising. Breakfast and dinner are served in the restaurant, whilst lunch can be enjoyed in the bar. In-room dining and private set-ups can be arranged. There is room service available 24/7 and there is a dedicated spa menu, offering a range of health-focussed options that use the purest of ingredients and including medicinal herbal teas.


The Spa at RAAS Devigarh is pure indulgence with many therapies for rest and rejuvenation, powered with natural wraps, scrubs, oils and creams from Ma Earth Botanicals. RAAS Devigarh just kickstarted programs for holistic health and wellness offerings, partnering with the world class Wellness Lifestyle well known for their wellness curation and team of seasoned professionals. World renowned for integrating Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga, meditation and a range of traditional, contemporary and alternate practises for rest and rejuvenation, wellness at RAAS takes on a different hue.

Devigarh is at easy driving distances from important places for worship such as Eklingi and Nagda, Nathdwara and is within walking proximity of the Jain temples of Delwara. Treks to the Ratasun Temple, walks in the village and the step well are a part of RAAS’ clean-up projects, and visits to the NGO Sadhana are other activities for leisure.

Perfect For
an alternative view of Rajasthan, away from the trappings of in-city hotels. RAAS feels authentic and truly luxurious.

Why we love this place

Stay slightly away from the well-worn tourist trails and know about rural Rajasthan with the help of local staff and seasoned experts.

About your host

The RAAS hotels have been the brainchild of brothers, Nikhilendra and Dhananjaya Singh. It has been their vision to merge history and comfort for the modern traveller. Devigarh has been painstakingly restored over a decade and 750 pairs of hands to create a luxury ambience, in keeping with the historical vibe. RAAS Jodhpur is a 300 years old restored mansion that lives up to the claim of offering luxury in the middle of the historical quarters of Jodhpur. And the same goes for Chhatrasagar.

In what was an upgrade renovation a few years ago, RAAS Devigarh made it accessible for travellers with limited mobility with the addition of a lift, ramps and chair lifts. The generous grounds around ensure private spaces that can be owned by guests all to themselves. Within the palace, small private niches like Kothar Bar, Durbar Bar, Hawa Gokra, Seesh Mahal and Silver Lounge create intimate spaces for couples and small group of friends for dining or a drink together. While plenty of dining areas like the Pool Deck, Garden Dining, Roof Top and Restaurant provide varied dining opportunities during your stay.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Having restored a 300 years old palace, RAAS has heritage conservation on top op its priorities. Hiring from the local community and ensuring that there is great economic value added to the villages around is prime on RAAS agenda for responsible tourism.

Our Recommendation

Live in the 18th century erstwhile palace to feel like a royal ' though the plush surrounds wouldn't be confined to the hotel itself. The richness of the experience lies in the perfectly curated trips around Devigarh for the traveller to feel like an insider pretty soon.

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