Khajuraho’s Erotic Art

This enigmatic complex of temples is covered with fine sculptures that are among the greatest masterpieces of Indian art.

While erotic sculptures can be found in many Indian temples, those at Khajuraho (mostly constructed between 950 and 11050AD during the Chandela dynasty) stand alone in the supreme quality of carving and the profusion of sexual ecstasy in its many forms.

Only twenty-two of the original eighty-five temples have survived, and are now divided into the Western, Eastern and Southern groups.

The Kandariya Mahadeo Temple in the Western group, dedicated to Shiva, is the largest and tallest of them all. Some of the other superb examples of temple architecture and sculpture include the Lakshmana and Vishwanatha Temples. The Western group is also the venue of a fascinating Son-et-Lumiére show, which tells the story of the great Chandela kings and recreates the legend of the Khajuraho temples.

The main structures in the Eastern group include the ruined Ghantai, the Javari, the Vamana and the Brahma Temples. Of the three Jain Temples that stand near the Ghantai Temple, the Parsvanatha is considered the finest. The backdrop of the Vindhya hills makes a dramatic backdrop to the Duladeo and Chaturbhuja Temples, both in the Southern group.

The Archaeological Museum and the State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art are also worth a visit.

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