The Soul of Fort Kochi

Eighth Bastion

Eighth Bastion

, Kerala
, India

Located on a once historical Dutch landmark, this hotel conjures up visions of the past, and brings alive a time when this Malabar region was a battleground for Europe’s most prominent seafaring nations, who fought over spices and trade routes for 300 years.

Legend has it that there were seven bastions in Fort Kochi, built by the Portuguese and strengthened by the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC. The bastions defended Cochin for 500 years and CGH Earth’s Eighth Bastion adds to this legacy. Even as you step into the reception area, you see a model of the legendary ‘Batavia’, a reminder of the VOCs power and their importance in the trade of the region.

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The architecture and cuisine of Fort Kochi showcase Dutch, Portuguese and Jewish influences that thrive in beautiful harmony with the local Malabar heritage.

Take a walk to the oldest European church in India, St Francis Church where Vasco da Gama was buried after his death in Cochin, before his remains were returned to Portugal. Stroll down to Mattancherry Spice Market where you can catch a glimpse of spices being dried, sorted and packed, as spice merchants try to get a bargain. Or take a stroll on the beach to watch the Chinese Fishing Nets that were erected in 1350-1450 AD, being lowered into the sea. You’ll want to do it all in one day.

The city’s art scene is thriving at art galleries and cafés such as David Hall, where local and globally renowned artists express themselves through paintings, sculptures and installations. You can also explore other galleries, designer boutiques, shops, and art stores around Fort Kochi.


The Eighth Bastion has two faces: one contemporary, even post-modern with clean cubic lines and chic retro touches in its striking architecture. The other is the felt but understated elegance of its interiors that emphasize comfort combined with plenty of native sunlight and air. The Dutch soul, however, is evident everywhere, as seen in the nautical paintings, enamel work and Delft China on prominent display.

The VOC-branded furniture, luxurious bathrooms, airy patios in large sunlit rooms, and balconies overlooking the lanes of Fort Kochi further add to the charm. A blend of colonial and contemporary styles, each room has a distinct appeal and you’ll find these chic retro touches irresistible.


The fusion menu at East Indies Restaurant serves progressive cuisine that follows the Dutch Spice Route in South Asia. Dishes from Surat, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malabar, Bengal; wherever the Dutch were present have been included and presented in gourmet style, with a contemporary take on these age-old recipes.

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