Jodhpur's first boutique hotel

RAAS Jodhpur

RAAS Jodhpur

, Rajasthan
, India

RAAS redefined restoration by combining classic heritage with contemporary chic, coming up with an award winning design set within the atmospheric lanes of Jodhpur’s walled city with Mehrangarh fort in grand attendance. Forty suites (with the inclusion of the Step Well suite) RAAS Jodhpur offer sheers indulgence and world class luxury – restaurants for fine dining, mood inspiring outdoor settings for dining and cultural programs. Set in the cloistered and narrow lanes of the walled city, it does take all your imagination to figure how such a monumental restoration would have taken place through the crowded lanes.

Over the years RAAS has spread its restoration concepts to include the step well, a prominent landmark and close to the haveli, around which cafes and boutiques have been developed. Now popular as the stepwell square, the area has been cleaned and maintained and a new suite – the Step Well suite situated at the very edge of RAAS has been conceptualised around the square. From the entrance through an arched doorway that spells heritage, a brief parking to a glass enclosed reception and the high mysterious facade of the first block of rooms, you enter the heart centre of RAAS, in sight of a jaw dropping view of the Mehrangarh Fort looming in the distance.

The swimming pool reflects the facade of the rooms and suites – a red sandstone cladding fashioned as the traditional ‘jaalis’ with a contemporary twist that fold up as windows affording views of the fort from the rooms and well-lit privacy. On one side of the Baradari are the beautifully restored heritage rooms and suites which also house the multi-cuisine fine dine restaurant Darikhana, shops and intimate lounges.

Our Rating: Luxury
Property Type: Boutique


The Mehrangarh Fort dominates the city of Jodhpur, looming over the labyrinth of homes, cafes and businesses in the old city. The jumble of lanes hold in them the secrets and history of the city, and the truly fun experience of knowing the city better lies in this area. Enter Raas Jodhpur – the first boutique hotel of the city, melding modern luxury comforts with the classic Jodhpur elements, including a step-well. The architectural material and decor apart, the warm Rajasthani hospitality at RAAS stands out.

The majestic mansion turned boutique hotel lies in the heart of Jodhpur, offering access to explore the fort, the sleepy but characterful cafes, shops, terrace addressed eating joints and the step-wells of the city. Located right below the famous Meherangarh Fort, it has 40 suites, all with balconies, minimalist furniture and black marble terrazo floors, and an inner courtyard with an infinity pool – much needed after a day of sightseeing. Ecological sustainability has been on the mind when building, with inclusions like solar-powered cast-iron bath tubs in the bathrooms, and the floors were hand-laid by local craftsmen. Of course, the staff is from in and around Jodhpur, ensuring that the local community is supported through the hotel.


Rooms and suites at RAAS spoil you for choice with their design and interiors, modern and stylish – the black terrazo tiles contrast with the beige and white of the linen and offer the best of amenities and fixtures. Brief balconies and ensuite bathrooms afford views of the fort that changes mood with the sun. Being in the centre of the walled city, right amidst all the bustle and atmosphere…RAAS then is a haven, in its rooms and outside, offering you the best of Jodhpur intimately.


The Darikhana, which was once the ‘Chamber of Carpets’, built towards the end of the 18th century is RAAS’ most popular al fresco dining venue. The Baradari (pillared hall) built in 1850 is the other restaurant at the hotel, hosting events all year round. Apart from these, there is an option of in-room dining, a private set-up and the Step Well Cafe;. The cafe; is open to the square and street but can also directly be approached from RAAS by a private door on to the Stepwell. Though the Rajasthani food is special and authentic, International cuisines are available.


The Spa at RAAS, is pure indulgence with many therapies for rest and rejuvenation, powered with natural wraps, scrubs, oils and creams from Ma Earth botanicals. RAAS Hotels kickstarts its offering towards holistic health and wellness partnering with the world class Wellness Lifestyle, well known for their wellness curation and team of seasoned professionals. World renowned for integrating traditional and contemporary wellness techniques along with alternate practises for rest, rejuvenation and good health, wellness at RAAS takes on a different hue.

The infinity pool at the hotel is another spot to secure for an entire day if you want to pull the breaks on sightseeing.

RAAS encourages walks and tuk-tuk rides of the walled city as well as an exploration of the back roads towards Mehrangarh Fort, for those interested this can be organised as a walk through and into the Rao Jodha Desert National Park.

The Mehrangarh Fort in itself needs an entire day to roam about, and also give a try to ziplining on the high ramparts.

The local food joints, historical monuments, excursions out of the city and more can be curated by the hotel or guests to have an immersive time.

Perfect For

taking a slice of history home, by staying in the heart of old Jodhpur. History lovers will enjoy living in rooms that are part of a 300 years old mansion, and marvel at the original historical sections kept intact.

Why we love this place

Staying in the heart of the city whilst being cocooned in modern luxuries is a thrill for travellers, and difficult to find.

About your host

This RAAS hotel is the first by brothers Nikhilendra and Dhananjaya Singh, bringing their vision of keeping the historical vibe to hospitality intact, but ensuring that guests truly enjoy a plush holiday. RAAS Jodhpur is a 300 years old restored mansion that lives up to the claim of offering luxury in the middle of the historical quarters of Jodhpur. The task of setting up a 40-room luxury hotel on a plot of 6,000 square metres with three semi-historic structures on it already, and with a spectacular view of the imposing Mehrangarh Fort was a daunting one. It was a delicate balance in offering privacy while remaining inclusive with the walled city – both solutions being met to great success and appreciation by guests.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

Being part of an ancient city, RAAS has implemented waste management systems, water harvesting and proper disposal of garbage. Adding economic value to the local community, restoring and preserving history and offering gentle hospitality to travellers is the core of RAAS experiences.

Ecological sustainability has been on the mind when building, with inclusions like solar-powered cast-iron bath tubs in the bathrooms, and the floors were hand-laid by local craftsmen. Of course, the staff is from in and around Jodhpur, ensuring that the local community is supported through the hotel.

Our Recommendation

Live in the heart of Jodhpur's old city. The contrasting bustling lanes outside, with your own plush oasis inside the hotel is the perfect way to get under the skin of the city without compromising on creature comforts. The décor and ambience of the hotel is truly inspiring.

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