A charming rural idyll close to Jodhpur

Rohet Garh

Rohet Garh


, Rajasthan
, India

Rohet Garh is like an oasis. As you walk past the gaily painted entrance, dancing peacocks herald your entry into sprawling lawns and manicured gardens. On one side is the family residence and the elegant lounge and bar, reflecting the family’s royal past. Beautifully appointed guest rooms surround the other sides of the garden. This is a haven, ideal for rest and relaxation in serene surroundings. You will awaken to the sound of birdsong and the quiet hum of rural life. There is ample space to relax, read, write or work in one of the several verandas, pool-side pavilions and the terrace with breath-taking views. The culinary experience is superlative and the leisure facilities exude understated luxury.

Our Rating: Mid-Range
Property Type: Heritage


About an hour south of Jodhpur lies the village of Rohet. With its landscape, indigenous flora and fauna as well as tribal communities it is a microcosm of the Thar Desert. The Bishnoi’s, known for their love and devotion to animals have lived in the area for centuries, drawn also to the lake that is a haven for migratory and resident birds. Tradition is important in the area and local customs and ceremonies govern life and occupation. The 16th century fort-castle Rohet Garh with its impressive Mewar Horse Stables has been the home of the Singh family for generations and welcomes guests to experience the rural idyll of Rohet.


Accommodation comprises thirty-two beautifully appointed rooms including six suites. Each residential space has its own unique character as they have all been incorporated into the existing old structure and have either pool, garden or lake views, as well as a sitting area. Colourful decor, design features like frescoes, bespoke pieces of furniture and Rajasthani fabrics adorn the rooms. The ensuite modern bathrooms are roomy, the rooms are air-conditioned, have in-room safes, TV’s and a beverage station.


While traditional Rajasthani delicacies take centre stage at Rohet Garh, there is also a wide selection from the barbeque and a variety of international options. All the produce is sourced from local farmers’ markets. The recipes have been lovingly created, over the years, by the lady of the house, Late Thakurani Jayendra Kumari, a well-known local culinary expert and author. Meal times are designated and served in the main poolside restaurant, and if the weather allows in the beautiful garden or under a beautifully embroidered tent by the pool. There is also a spectacular lake view terrace which serves as a stunning venue for special dinners. Sometimes folk musicians enliven the evening atmosphere.


The Village Safari is one of Rohet Garh’s signature experiences, that allows guests to feel the very pulse of rural Rajasthan. Visit homes of the villagers to learn about their lives, like the Bishnois often called the ‘premier ecologists of the world’ who enjoy a special relationship with the black buck antelope and a rare and protected species. One can also encounter Raikas (shepherds) with their glorious costumes, and the Paliwals and Meghwals, the Brahmin farmers and weavers.

The Equestrian Program at Rohet Garh is among the finest in the country. The stables in Rohet Garh house the best specimens of the Marwari breed of horses and one can get a sense of their sheer strength and freedom in the vast, virgin wilderness around Rohet.

Rohet Garh offers splendid bird watching; the winter months attract a vast variety of birds into the region, and some years as many as 200 different species can easily be sighted in the lakes and jheels (small water bodies) around Rohet Garh. Early mornings are typically the best time to spot birds armed with a bird book and a pair of binoculars.

Learn how to make Laal Maas, Ker Sangri, Lasan (garlic) Chutney, breads made from millet flour and other Rajasthani delicacies in a culinary workshop conducted by the trained chefs at Rohet Garh and inspired by the Late Thakurani Sahiba Jayendra Kumari’s cook books and hand written recipes. You can choose to observe or partake in the cooking itself but either way sample the delicacies at a special dinner.

There is a lovely swimming pool to cool off on warm days and/or relax after a busy day of sightseeing or riding. Rohet Garh is family friendly and there are a number of activities for children that mostly include immersions into the surrounding countryside either on horseback or in a jeep. Rohet Garh’s Signature Spa offers a range of Ayurveda treatments & rejuvenation massages. impressive aromatherapy and Ayurvedic massages.

Perfect for
anyone looking for a quiet getaway including individuals, couples, friends and families with children. The property is suited to small social events including intimate weddings and celebratory occasions. Equestrian lovers will be richly rewarded. For the fit and experienced riders, a day well spent riding is a fantastic experience. The surrounding pavilions offer a quiet space to read and relax as well. Village Explorations, Bird Watching walks, Cooking Classes, board games and books ensure that the young are kept interested and engaged.

Why we love this place

Rohet Garh is tucked away in a rural hamlet, about 75 minutes-drive from Jodhpur. At this charming 400-year-old desert home, you are guests of the local nobility who have lived in the area for centuries. Everything is authentic: the charming rooms, delectable cuisine and captivating rural experiences, especially horse riding and all the modern trimmings of a luxury hotel.

About your host

Rohet Garh has been the home of the Singh family since the mid-17th century. Current owners Sidharth and Rashmi Singh, warm, friendly and hospitable hosts, opened up their ancestral home (former fort and lakeside palace) in 1989 as a Heritage Hotel. Since then it has been nurtured and developed with great love and care into one of the finest heritage hotels in the country. While no new buildings were added, each part of the property was carefully and skilfully redesigned to create a heritage hotel with lakeside views and sprawling gardens that has few parallels in the country.

In addition to Rohet Garh, Sidharth and Rashmi set up Mihir Garh, a purpose-built boutique hotel on a sand dune, the Rohet Wilderness Camp and more recently Rohet House – a stylish city residence in Jodhpur. All these properties are now operated under the brand House of Rohet, ably headed by the young and dynamic Avijit Singh, a trained hotelier who has interned in prestigious hotels around the world. Along with his parents, he expertly manages all the properties

The family is passionate about their heritage and culture and meet each guest in person. Conversations with them reflect stories not only of their ancestry and link to the land but also promise to regale with tales of expeditions and horse riding and breeding as well. They ensure the locals play an intrinsic part of the village experiences and interact with guests. Several have been employed in their properties as well and benefit from a village welfare fund, eye and medical camps and the development of local schools as well.

Responsible/Sustainable Tourism

The House of Rohet family has had ties with the region and community for generations, and there are many ways that the House of Rohet work with and support them. This is in the form of employment, supporting local businesses, supporting local artisans, organising medical camps, supporting local schools and giving back to the community. The story of heritage permeates not just to the buildings but also in showcasing the traditional family recipes as well as village walks allowing a glimpse in to rural Rajasthan. The family were the pioneers of the concept of The Village Safari that created a perfect example of how responsible tourism involving the local community creates shared value. The family continues to be active in the upliftment of the community with various projects undertaken annually.

Our Recommendation

Celebrate the festival of Gangaur, a unique tradition in Rajasthan that celebrates the wedding of Lord Shiva to his consort Parvati in their human avatars of Ishar and Gangaur. At Rohet, the bedecked idols from the family temple are displayed every evening and celebrations befitting a wedding are undertaken, culminating in a wedding by a priest.

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